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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cell or mobile phone images and sketches of different types

Here are more than a dozen images of cell phones including single cell phones, cell phones in groups, sketches and colored illustrations of mobile phones and cell phones with the banned sign or cell phones with a cross on them. There are visuals of signs which say that cell phones are banned. Brand names of the phones are not visible. All of these images are of mobile and cell phones with qwerty keypads.

Three cell phones against a white background. Two black ones and one pink cell phone in the middle.

three mobile phones in a row

Here is a graphic or colored illustration of the image above done on photoshop. Three cell phones in a simplified illustration with basic outlines but you can see the qwerty keypad.
illustration of three cell phones

Here is a graphic of a mobile phone against a black background with colored lines outlining the cell phone. Glowing edges.
graphic illustration of a dark cell phone with glowing edges

A single pink colored cell phone in this image.
pink colored cell phone

One black coloured metallic mobile phone with a blue screen can be seen in this photo. Qwerty keypad.
a single black cell phone

A sketch of a mobile phone at an angle.
sketch of mobile at an angle

This is a sketch of a cell phone directly from the front. Qwerty keypad.
sketch of mobile phone

This is a graphic representation of three cell phones with a simple outline and a huge red cross across the phones.
visual representation of a cell phone not allowed

An image of a black cell phone with a ban sign on it.
cell phone with banned sign

A photograph of a mobile phone with a big black cross on it.
cell phone with cross showing banned cell

This is an image of a colored mobile phone with the "banned cell" sign.
fancy mobile phone banned visual representation

A pink cell phone with a large white cross across it to show that mobile and cell phones are banned or not allowed or permitted.

pink cell phone with large white cross

A graphic of a pink cell phone with a large black cross showing that cell phones are not permitted.
cell phones not permiited visual sign

A simple outline or sketch of a cell phone with a large black cross on it showing that cells are banned.
sketch of sign banning mobile phones

Visual showing that cell phones are banned. A sketch of a cell phone with the "banned" sign.
sketch of banned cell sign

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