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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flower sellers in shops, markets and on the road-side in India

The use of fresh flowers in India are many. They are offered to gods, used as ornaments for the hair and the home, and also as gift items.

These are photographs of people selling flowers in India. There are more women than men in this area of selling. You find flower-sellers in busy markets as well as at street corners and invariably outside temples.

This is a woman in a busy vegetable market in her small flower shop. She is selling flower garlands of marigold and also loose flowers to be used in poojas.

woman in flowershop

Indian women often weave small white and orange fragant and sweet smelling flowers into a "gajra" and decorate their hair with it. Flowers are used instead of perfume or fragrance. This woman is selling these small flowers loose as well as strung together in a garland.

woman selling white flowers

This man is outside a temple, selling garlands to be used as an offering to God.

man selling flower garlands

This is a small street corner shop selling flower bouquets. These type of shops are found very frequently nowadays as flowers have become popular gifts.

flower shop selling bouquets

Another man, a flower-seller, in a vegetable market, selling garlands and betel nut leaves.

man selling flowers on pavement

Another woman selling gajras (flower decorations for the hair) for women to decorate their hair with.

woman on street selling flower strings to decorate hair

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