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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nature headers of a lake-side

Here are free panoramic nature scenes of a lake-side which can be used for headers for blogs. All of the photographs are a canvas of three pictures each and are high resolution photos.

As all nature lovers know, the very stillness of nature is enchanting. In the photo below, it's dusk, and not a hint of breeze. There's no lush green vegetation, in fact just dry brush. Yet, the beauty of the scene takes one's breath away.

lake scene header

The second photograph offers a glimpse of the hills through the dry branches of a tree. In the foreground are some green plants and inbetween, a field.
hills through trees scene

The next two photos are of a small lake in Kamshet at different times of the day. The first one is at dusk. The light is dull and one can see the lake disappearing into the distance into the hills.
lake and hills scenery

In this last panorama the light is brighter and the yellowness of the dry ground gives the picture a good colour. The water of the lake is clear, with the hills reflected in it.
lake hill view

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