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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Esna Lock Photographs

There is a lock system on the river Nile. The reason for it to make it easy for ships to navigate across a difference in height of the water.  A lock is built with a fixed chamber inside of it and in this fixed chamber the water level can be raised or lowered. It is quite an experience to go through a lock. It is like a lift for a boat or ship! However the chamber itself does not go up and down, just the water level does.
Tourists on the Nile who are traveling by a cruiser have to go through this lock. At times the waiting times can be several hours as there is a queue.

Here is a picture of the approach to the Esna Lock. In the background you can see that the water level of the river on the other side is much higher.

Entering the Esna Lock

Here is a clearer picture of the difference in water levels, seen as you enter the chamber where the water level can rise and fall. The photograph is taken from the top of the cruise liner.

Inside the Esna Lock

After the water level is raised the gates on the other side are opened.

Leaving the Esna Lock

And the boat goes through to the other side.

Esna Lock on the river Nile

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