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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Scenes of different beaches

These are beach scenes from Goa and Puducherry, and can be used as backgrounds. All these beaches are unique in their own way, with different colours of sand.

This photograph is of a Goa beach with golden brown sands and light blue sea. The sky is cloudy. The background comprises of a small hill with vegetation.
goa beach

This picture is another Goa beach, shot near the Taj Holiday village. In the foreground are the golden sands and in the background an abandoned ship. The sands are ingrained with footprints of people. A small dingy can be seen to the left of the image.
goa beach and ship

Another scene from Goa, shot at dusk.
evening beach scene

These silver white sands belong to a beach in Puducherry. The blue sky is the background. A beautiful shot showing the wide expanse of the soft sand. In the background tiny figures of people can be seen walking on the beach.

puducherry beach

This is more like a beach road with rocks between it and the sea. Tourists use it to stroll around and it's a place where people congregate in the evenings. It is located in the city of Pondicherry.
beach road puducherry

This one is called Ruby beach on the outskirts of Puducherry. The photograph is taken from the parking lot and the sands are not clearly visible.
Ruby beach outside Pondicherry

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