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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoeshine men in India

These are pictures of men shining shoes in Mumbai, India.

The first few pictures were shot at Mumbai Central station. In the first one you can see a shoe-shine man in the foreground on the platform of a railway station. A few commuters are sitting on benches in the background. Next to the shoe-shine you can see the tools of his trade, displayed for all to see. Different types and colors of shoe polish and brushes. Also insoles for customers who need them. The shoe-shine men have an uniform - a blue shirt and black pants.
shoeshine man at railway station

In this pic you can see the shoe-shine at work on the platform. In the background is the railway station.
shoeshine man at work

This picture shows you commuters waiting for the train in the background. In the foreground is a shoe-shine with his wares. A man is blocking the view of the row of shoe-shine men on the platform. It is Mumbai Central station.
several shoeshines on railway platform

This photo is of a shoe-shine boy on a pavement in South Mumbai. A large brush and shoe polish in tins can be seen by his side.
shoeshine boy on pavement

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