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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ellora Frescoes and Sculptures

Ellora Caves are a World Heritage site and comprise of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain caves. The photographs here are of sculptures and frescoes from different caves at Ellora, which is located near Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India. One of the most famous caves at Ellora, the Kailashnath cave, has been shown in another post, the link to which is below this post.

These Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock cut temples were built close to each other and the time period of the caves ranges from the fifth to the tenth century A.D.

The frescoes and sculptures are of different gods and goddesses. Some of the images are erotic. Love was celebrated openly in those days, before the influence of Christianity and Islam on Hinduism.

ellora erotic sculpture

ellora fresco

ellora fresco and sculptures

ellora female fresco

ellora figurine in rock

You can see Buddha in the following pictures. There was a strong presence of bats in many of the caves and their droppings were all over the place.
buddha rock-cut sculptures at Ellora

Buddha statue at Ellora

The discolouration of the rock is due to time, but also due to bat and insect droppings.
Buddha fresco at Ellora

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