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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cobwebs or Spiderwebs

A photograph of this very large spider's web in rural Maharashtra. I was surprised to see the clarity of the image despite the finely woven web. You can see an insect, probably a fly, trapped at the centre and to the right there seems to be a shadow which looks like the spider himself. I have a much larger photograph of this image with me and in that the web looks even better.

spiders web

A large round spider web in the jungles of Gir, in Gujarat, India. The foot appears to be in the centre of the web. The threads of the web are thicker, and thus better visible to the camera.

white spider web

These pictures of cobwebs or spiderwebs are taken in the Matheran forest. These are thicker, almost like translucent fabric. Spider silk is very strong and said to be stronger than steel (if one compares by weight) and is also very elastic. These photos were shot on a cell phone.

thick cobweb on ground

thick spiderweb near tree in forest

spiderweb between branches of trees

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