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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Man with camel - photograph and silhouette

These are photographs of a man walking by his camel outside a small town in Rajasthan, India in a semi-rural area. The man is wearing a red turban and the traditional dress, a dhoti and kurta. A shawl protects him from the winter chill.

man with camel

The same photo has been turned into a silhouette. The background colours have been maintained but the man and the camel are filled with black. Silhouetted against a real background.

man with camel silhouette

This is an actual silhouette of the photograph. I outlined it myself and then filled it in.

camel and man silhouette

The photo has been given gray tones, but it is still a silhouette of the man with the turban and the camel.
man with camel silhouette gray tones

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