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Monday, March 7, 2011

International Cricket Stadium Pictures

Here are a few pictures of an international cricket stadium which can be used for blogposts on cricket. The photographs are of The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and taken by a friend.

This one shows the spectators at the cricket stadium and to the right of the picture the score board can be seen. A part of the cricket ground is also visible.
international cricket stadium

In this photograph the spectators are to the right of the picture and the ground to the left. The wide curve of the stadium is visible, and the audience can be seen enjoying the cricket match.
cricket stadium

This is a smaller photograph and shows the spectators and cricket players from a distance. The men in white, the cricketers, can be seen playing on the greens.
cricket stadium with players

This is a shot of the cricket scoreboard.
cricket scoreboard

This one is a small photo of a cricketer in batting position. Should be used only in this size, but will add colour to any post on cricket.
cricket player batting position

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