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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rural women carrying water and firewood

Here are photographs or Indian rural women carrying water and firewood on country roads.

This picture has two tribal woman from Maharashtra, India, one young and one middle-aged, carrying three pots of water each on their heads and walking along the side of the road. It is quite a feat balancing three pots filled with water on one's head, and walking long distances. Cloth is usually acts as a cushion between the pots and the head. The pots are made of metal, probably aluminium and copper. In the background is the country.

women carrying pots of water on head

A woman in western Maharashtra carrying three pots of water on her head. High resolution photographs of this image and the next image are available.

woman carrying steel pots on head

Another stately lady carrying load of water on her head!

This is an Indian tribal woman walking along the side of a country road with firewood on her head.

woman carrying firewood on country road

This is another picture of women carrying firewood on their heads.

two women carrying firewood on country road

This photograph shows tribal women carrying luggage of tourists down a hill-side in Matheran. In this tourist town women as well as men work as coolies. A woman coolie is a common sight. Urban people often raise an eyebrow when they see this. But considering that it's the women amongst the tribals who carry heavy loads of water and firewood on their heads, there is no reason for them not to carry luggage! At least they make some money out of it and it's not just mandatory housework.

women coolies carrying luggage

Here is another scene from Matheran, a row of women walkingand girls rapidly uphill with loads of hay for the horses. The picture was shot on a cell phone but that is not the only reason why the picture is not clear. These women were walking at a very fast pace, and it was difficult to capture them on camera.

women carrying loads of hay

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