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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zurich city - bridges, river, people and buildings

These are photographs of Zurich city, the largest city in Switzerland and the financial center.

The photograph below offers a wide view of some of the major buildings near the Limmat river. The Grossmünster church can be seen to the right of the image. It has two spires and a red steeple at the back. To the left of the image are two clock towers. The shorter one is the largest church clock face in Europe. It belongs to St. Peter's church, an old church built in the 8th or 9th century. The green steeple belongs to the Fraumünster church, another major church in Zurich.
panoramic view of zurich

The next two photos are closer views of the same area. You can see boats parked and covered with blue tarpaulin on the river Limmat. There is a small boathouse next to them.
view of Limmat river and boats

This photo is of a bridge across the Limmat river in Zurich. Most major sights are located near the river. Churches and bridges and shops.
bridge across the Limmat river

This is a beautiful picture of Limmat river and a bridge. A motor cycle and a scooter are parked on the bridge. In the background you can see pastel coloured apartment blocks and a close up of the famous St. Peter's church clock tower.
bridge and houses in Zurich

This is the entrance to the Frauminister church. In the background you can see the residential buildings, nor more than 4-5 stories high. Most buildings in Zurich are short, part of the city planning. They are also fairly close to one another.

buildings on Zurich street

This is a view from another side of the river. The church towers can be seen in the background. In the foreground there are cars and a taxi which have halted at the red light. Two pedestrians are walking near the traffic signal.

road traffic signal and cars in Zurich

The Paradeplatz is a famous Square in Zurich, and there is also a major tram stop  here.  The Fraumünster church can be seen in the background.

Square and tram stop in Zurich

A quiet tree-lined street in Zurich. Some shops can be seen on the pavement to the left. Tram lines are also visible.
quiet Zurich street and shops

A sleek phone booth in Zurich, very close to the tourist bus-stop and a hotel.
Zurich phone booth

Here are the smart women of Zurich, walking down a street, near the main Paradeplatz Square. There is a small outdoor cafe to the left of the image. A young woman in the foreground is riding a kiddie scooter and carrying a bouquet of flowers. A faster alternative to walking.
young women in Zurich

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