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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free photographs of White Flowers

These free images of white flowers can be used as backgrounds for any other purpose.

This is Bougainvillea plant, a type of woody vine which can grow up to 1-12 meters high. There are various species, and the photographs below are of the tropical woody Bougainvillea from India. White Bougainvillea is most common although this flowering vine has flowers of different colours. You can see some orange and yellow flowers in this primarily white Bougainvillea.

White Bougainvillaea plant

This is a close-up of the Bougainvillea plant. Bits of yellow and pink can also be seen.
White Bougainvillaea plant close-up

These are small white flowers surrounded by pink and violent flowers,  a flowering bush. On zooming these image appears to be painted because of the treatment.
pink and white flower bed

The photos below are white flowers with long slim green stems on a flower bed. In the background there are trees and bushes.

close-up of white flower bed

This is a closer look at the white flower bed. In the background there are trees.

This photo shows a tiny white flower with a pink dot in the centre, against a background of large green leaves. Most of the photograph is of big shiny green leaves.

large leaves with tiny white flower

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