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Monday, February 28, 2011

Streets of Beijing with people, traffic, cyclists, pavements and buildings

Here are some good quality photographs of the streets of Beijing with a fair amount of detail which give a feel of the city.

In the first photo you can see a group of cyclists waiting at a traffic signal. To the left of the image there is a police car with two Chinese policemen standing outside it.

traffic signal in Beijing

The second image is of some people waiting to cross the road. There is a woman with a shopping bag and some young, smart girls. There is a shopping centre in the background and a young couple laughing and talking on the road in front of it. There are also taxis and buses.

beijing street with people

This photograph was shot from across a white railing. A lone car can be seen on the broad road and there are some buildings in the background. Some construction work seems to be going on but the ugliness is hidden from view by pretty billboards.

high street in Beijing

This is a main thoroughfare in Beijing with important buildings and commercial complexes to the left of the picture. Cyclists can be seen on a road with hardly any cars. Cyclists are a common sight in Beijing. A bus can be seen at a bus-stop to the right of the image.

main thoroughfare and commercial buildings in Beijing

This is a mall in Beijing, the wall of which are adorned with advertisements and cinema posters. Smart young people can be seen on the pavement outside the mall. MacDonalds restaurant is on the ground floor here. The photograph shows a fair amount of clear details.

Beijing mall

This is a closer view of the pavement and MacDonalds restaurant in front of the mall in Beijing. Two trash cans can be seen in the picture at the bottom left. Notice the number of young people on the streets. In China most people wear western clothes, whether poor or rich.

pavement with people in Beijing

In this picture there is a woman on a moped or motorised two-wheeler. One rarely sees mopeds or scooters in Beijing. Other traffic like buses, and four-wheelers can also be seen in the picture.

road crossing with two-wheeler in Beijing

Here you can see a tree-lined pavement with people walking and some cycles parked at the edge of it. It is a shopping area. On the top of the buildings there are advertisement hoardings or billboards.

shops on Beijing street with shoppers

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