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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sketches and drawings of Buddha

These are three sketches or line drawings of Buddha. They have been drawn using photographs of the statues of Buddha at different places.

This first pencil drawing is of the Sleeping Buddha, the huge stone statue of Buddha at Ajanta. The link to the original post is given at the bottom of the post.
sketch of sleeping buddha

The Buddha in a meditation pose has been sketched from the photograph of the Golden Buddha in Xian, China, in the pagoda complex. The link to the post is at the bottom of this post. The expression on Buddha's face is peaceful and calm, as always.
golden buddha sketch

The sketch below is from a photograph shot at Ajanta. This statue of the Buddha (on which the drawing is based) adorned the entrance of a cave at Ajanta. Buddha's hand as depicted in this statue looks very large, and it is so in several portrayals of Buddha at Ajanta. This makes one wonder if his hand was really this huge, or perhaps just larger than that of other human beings.
standing Buddha drawing

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Or the Golden Buddha Statue at Xian.


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  2. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and the wheel of life in a comparable way to Hindus. They also believe that this cycle of life, death and rebirth can be broken by achieving enlightenment. Enlightenment can be achieved by adherence to the Four Noble Truths.


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