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Friday, February 18, 2011

Obesity silhouettes

In India the majority of the population may not be fat, but in urban areas, and cities the proportion of overweight people is going up. Here are some images of silhouettes of overweight people.

The first silhouette can be unisex and shows an obese person standing and looking at something in his/her hand.

obese person silhoutte

The second silhouette is of a woman wearing a cap. She also tends to be obese, with the weight distributed unevenly, on the bottom half of her body.
 obese woman silhouette

The picture below does not show an overweight person but it does show someone with weight distributed unevenly, on the tummy. Many affluent urban Indians may not be deemed overweight but have disproportionately large stomachs. That is why the BMI cut-off (for being overweight) for Indians has been lowered from 25 to 23 by the Indian Health Ministry. Even Indians of normal weight tend to have large waists.

man with paunch silhouettte

One of the causes of obesity is that people just cannot tolerate hunger! And they want to eat until their stomach tells them not to. But satiety is different from feeling your stomach stretching and we get it after 20-40 minutes after eating the food. But people eat until they feel uncomfortable! You have to be able to know the portion which brings you this satiety, there is no other way. The feeling of being slightly hungry immediately after a meal is normal as satiety kicks in after half an hour. Real hunger is different because real hunger causes light-headedness and weakness.

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