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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brown butterfly on small pink flowers

These are some images of a brown butterfly feeding on tiny pink flowers. The soft brown coat with the tiny yellow dots is clearly visible as are the large round black eyes. The spidery thin legs are lightly perched on the petals. There is one long antenna which goes in a curve into the petals. Wonder what species of butterfly this is. The photograph was taken in Kamshet district in Maharashtra, India.

close-up of butterfly on flower

In this picture the butterfly can be seen from the side. It looks almost human or at least some kind of alien being! The coat could well be a robe being swept in the wind, and it appears at a cursory glance as if it has just two legs. The butterfly seems to be walking on the petals.

side view of butterfly on flowers

This is another image of a brown butterly, a different species. It is a very tiny one and perched on a dried leaf which is lying on dry grass.

brown butterfly

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