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Monday, November 22, 2010

Huts in an Indian Village

Indian Villages are not all about being mired in poverty where people cannot eke out a living. The following pictures are of a village about 200 kilometers north-east of Mumbai (near Diwekarwadi) where the houses and surrounding areas are clean, the roofs of the huts are cobbled and there is satellite television as well. Sure, these people are poor, but they are not desperately poor. And they certainly live better lives than the urban poor.

cobbled huts in village

They make their living through agriculture
close-up of cobbled huts

A photograph of a cobbled hut in a village. You can see the wide entrance and porch, a design good for the summer heat. The hut is built under a large shady tree. In India the evenings are cooler but the houses may have heated up. Sitting in the shade under a porch is something that people do. A small satellite dish is visible in the right of the picture, on the roof.
cobbled hut with porch

The satellite dish is visible in the center of the photograph. These people are not so poor that they cannot affort satellite television.
Satellite TV dish in Indian village

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