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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bullock Carts in the country and in the city

Bullock carts are a common mode of transport in rural and semi-urban India. While motor-cycles have become popular they can never replace the bullock cart or bailgadi as this cart carries several people and also luggage/goods.

Some of these pictures have been taken near Kamshet and some near Diwekarwadi, areas around Mumbai, India. The first one is shot near Diwerkadi, in a rural area. A man is using a whip to drive the bulls and another man is sitting at the back. The cart is carrying long sticks as well.

two men riding bullock cart on country road

This picture of a young boy riding a bullock cart was shot near Kamshet, a semi-urban area in Maharashtra, India. The bullock cart appears to be carrying some other material as well.

boy riding a bullock cart with father

This is a couple with another man near Diwekarwadi. It is in a rural area where this can become the main mode of transport. If a family owns one, why travel in a bus? For short distances a bullock cart is fine!

family on bullock cart in India

This picture was taken on a country road. A man sitting in his bullock cart, ferrying some wood to a destination. Another village nearby perhaps. Or to his own home.

man on bullock cart

Bullock carts are also visible in Indian cities, but mostly for transporting goods, not people. The image below is taken in Pune where everyone is waiting patiently for the bullock cart to pass.

bullock cart on city streets

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