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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clouds, the Sun and Trees

Clouds make interesting patterns and as children we often stare and see shapes in them. As adults we forget the beauty of the clouds, the sun, the trees and the sky. In these images I captured all these elements together, with the trees as silhouettes.

In the first three images I see the clouds and the trees looking up to the sun, surrounding it, almost as if they are paying homage. In the photos I also see the trees holding up the clouds.

sun through the clouds and tree silhouettes

sun blinking and trees holding up the clouds

In the image below I see the clouds lined up in order, and they seem to be heading somewhere...towards the trees?
row of clouds in sky with sun

The photo below shows the clouds lined up again, this time to meet the sun. The trees are silhouetted and so is a hoarding. For once a hoarding seems to have merged with nature.
scene of sun, clouds and earth silhouette

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