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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slums in India - Aerial View

Slums in Mumbai, India. Most urban cities in India have slums as housing is not affordable. Monthly paychecks are too low for the poor to afford housing and real estate in cities like Mumbai is very costly, competing with the major cities of the world. There is talk of slum re-development but in many cases the builders and politicians take the pickings and residential skyscrapers become glorified slums.

The first three pictures are of Dharavi, India's most famous slum, said to be the largest in Asia. The photos were taken from a plane window.

view of Dharavi from air

view of Dharavi from air

view of Dharavi from air

This last photograph is a view of slum houses from a window of a residential  building in East Andheri, Mumbai.

slums in Andheri, Mumbai

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