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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Supermarket pictures - crockery, tomato puree, coconut milk, cheese and butter

Indian supermarkets are not always super places where everything is laid out neatly for consumers to pick easily. They are often disorganised and it is difficult to find things one needs. There are a few supermarkets which are well organised but mostly they aren't. Used as Indians are to kirana shops (mom and pop stores), they adjust to the mess without complaints.

The first picture is of a crowded aisle where a trolley has been abandoned. Consumers themselves are not particular and add to the confusion.

inside of a supermarket

Often the sales people block the aisles, with trolley or boxes. In this picture you can see tomato puree which is becoming popular in India these days with rising tomato prices. Coconut Milk is also popular but is not available throughout the year. Coconut is used extensively in the Southern parts of India and this packaged form is a boon for housewives. Other things like tamarind paste and ginger garlic paste is also used extensively.

product display in supermarket

This is the freezer section of the supermarket. Best to use this one for the web only as the image is not sharp.
freezer section of supermarket

The picture below is a close-up of one of the shelves of the freezer. The is the frozen or chiller section of the supermarket. In these shelves you can see  cheese slices, cheese spreads, tinned cheese, and butter.

close-up of freezer shelf in Indian supermarket

The picture below is of a hypermarket in Thane city. You can see the vegetable and fruit section at the far end and in the foreground snacks (to the right of the picture) and chocolates (to the left). At the bottom right hand corner you can see a steel trolley.

hypermarket in India

The next two pictures are slightly blurred (sorry!). The first one is a close-up of the snacks section. What is called 'farsan' in India. Farsan is basically salted snacks or namkeen. Potato wafers fall in this category.

salted snacks at hypermarket

This last photograph is of an aisle in a supermarket. You can see some processed food packets to the left including tea and coffee. A woman customer is seen walking down the aisle.

Indian supermarket aisle

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