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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Puducherry or Pondycherry

Puducherry, once known as Pondicherry, is a small sea-side town in the state of Tamil Nadu, but it is a Union territory. It was once a French colony. It is a beautiful little city near the sea-side and is affection called Pondy. There is still a "French Quarter" where the foreigners mostly live. Inexpensive French food is available here and delicious baked goods.

This first photograph is a shot of the beach at Pondicherry which has a large pavement to walk on as well as a coffee-shop to hang out in.

view of Pondycherry beach and town

This is a view of Puducherry buildings and the sea.

view of Puducherry town from terrace

This is a street in the French Quarter of Puducherry. It's a good place to visit for some peace and quiet. There are some lovely beaches around Puducherry.

view of quiet Puducherry street

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