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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funny Road Signs in India

India is full of hilarious signs on its highways and roads and these are just a few samples.

Found on a country road it exhorts travelers that it's better to be Late rather than Death!

highway warning sign

This one is funnier, telling travelers that it's better to be Mr. Late than Late Mr.! This is a road in Leh.

funny highway sign

A signboard on an expressway. Drive to Care Not to Dare, whatever that means! And the word Coutious is not just spelt wrong the full sentence goes like this: Be Coutious, life is precioous! I guess it rhymes!

funny signboard on expressway

This hoarding is supposed to be funny but makes little sense. Don't change people??

funny hoarding on road

Not so bad. Helmet or Hell Met. Short and sweet sign in Mulund, Mumbai.

sign about the dangers of being without a helmet

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