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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cat Portraits

These pictures show why our domesticated cat belongs to the tiger family or rather, why the tiger is a big cat! These are close-ups of cat faces and expressions. I have selected the expressions which closely imitate that of the tiger and the lion or their cubs!

Nothing more scary that to see a cat yawning. Definitely scary for a mouse! This cat appears to be yawning quite violently!

yawning cat

Cat sticking out its tongue! A cat's tongue is very rough and sticky. This cat's expression is one deliberate enjoyment of something only she or he knows about. Something almost evil about the expression.
cat sticking out its tongue

A growling cat. Irritation is evident in the cat's face.
annoyed cat

A cat staring at you with it's yellow eye! A cat's eye can be unfathomable. Maybe this cat is trying to figure out what the camera is all about.

cat's yellow eye

This feline is looking at something quite intently, possibly an insect.
cat's face or portrait

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