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Friday, August 31, 2012

Green caterpillar images

These are photographs of a green caterpillar found in Pune. I had never seen such a large fat caterpillar before and that too with a cute little yellow tail! Nor one with such huge alien-like eyes. It explained to me the genesis of the alien features found in so many SF movies!

Here it is with its head curved like an elephant's trunk. Made me wonder if it was an elephant hawk moth caterpillar but am not sure because there were no similar pictures on the net. This one was gooey and slimy and had a small yellow tail and a big head an stumps for legs.

long fat green caterpillar with huge eyes

Another view of the caterpillar, it's profile. The huge eyes on a fat head and long shiny body.

side view of large fat green caterpillar

This is another angle and I have tweaked the photo a bit and this picture explains the various fictional aliens that we see in movies! At least their heads. Looks almost unreal.

painting of long green fat caterpillar


  1. I've seen loads of these in my place(Tamilnadu).... They infest my gardens and i seriously don't know what to do :( :(

  2. Gughan, these turn into pretty butterflies finally! :)

  3. Hey! I see loads of these caterpillars in my place, Chennai(Tamil Nadu)! Do they really turn into butterflies??;) because i haven't seen butterfly larvae that grow this big!! ;)

  4. It depends on the species, but yes these caterpillars turn into butterflies

  5. Hi.
    I have this caterpillar in my house right now. It looks like moth caterpillar. It is now change color to vary dark green and white spots are now yellowish. It curled in a tissue, seems like it has done feeding on leaves. From research on the internet, the caterpillar will be moth.

  6. Replies
    1. There are various types of green caterpillars. All of them turn into beautiful winged creatures.

  7. Here is the full detail on the caterpillars.

  8. Here is the full details on the caterpillars


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