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Friday, August 3, 2012

Aurangabad Temple Pillars

The elaborate and intricate carvings on the walls and temples of the Aurangabad caves is worth seeing and not just because it is more than 14 centuries old! These carvings are to be found in the 12 artificial rock-cut Buddhist cave shrines which are located on top of a hill near Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
These carvings are a spectacular representation of Indian Classical Art.
These designs are  and organized designs of fretwork, scrolls, panel of couples, tassels, flowers, geometrical designs, and highest point of perfection and consummation

This is a base of a pillar with small figurines on the side an flower motifs in the center.
carved pillar design at Aurangabad caves

This is the base of another pillar and shows the variety of decorative inlay on these stone pilars. This pillar base has small figures carved into its face.
sculpted pillars at Aurangabad caves

This is the top of a pillar with figures and flower and nature motifs.

Another photo of a stone temple pillar decorated with flowers and geometric patterns.

decorated stone pillar at Aurangabad temple caves

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