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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sistine Chapel Corridor Ceiling Paintings and Designs

The Sistine Chapel's (where the Pope resides), is famous for its architecture and sculpted decorations and paintings. Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio worked on the paintings and frescoes in the chapel and the results as you can see in these pictures, are spectacular.

The golden ceiling fresco at the Sistine Chapel. This painted architecture as visible in these pictures is full of religious symbols like the acorn, fish, and falcons.
golden celing design at the sistine chapel

Not just gold, but also red and blue are used extensively in these remarkable art works. All the paintings have elaborately decorated borders. The paintings here contain figures of angels alongwith various other symbols used to convey some meaning.
 elaborately decorated fresco ceiling panel at the sistine chapel

Another photograph of the paintings lining the celing at the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The painted architecture not only comprises of various symbols depicting Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ, but also pictures of angels, trumpets and other figures.
painted architecture at the sistine chapel in Rome

At the end of the magnificent corridor you can see a sculpture of two figures standing alongside the symbol of of what looks like a small dragon. These paintings are a showcase of the reproduction of the anatomy and the contours of the human form.
 painted architecture at end of corridor at the sistine chapel

These pale and pastel raised paintings or designs on the ceiling also appear to depict some story from the bible. There is no doubt that all this work is telling a story and is mean to be interpreted and read.
pastel artwork at the sistine chapel in rome

All the artwork on the walls or ceilings of the Sistine chapel show some aspect of the story of Jesus Christ and Moses.

decorated fresco at the sistine chapel

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