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Friday, July 20, 2012

British Pound or GBP Images and Currency Collage

These are photographs and collages of British or United Kingdom currency notes - fifty and twenty pound notes. The official name of this currency is Pound Sterling or GBP.

This one is a closeup of a 50 pound note with the face of the English queen.

fifty pounds note close-up

A collage of 50 and 20 pound notes. Pounds are often referred to as quid in slang.

British currency collage

Another collage of GBP notes. Currency collages can make for a blog or website background.
GBP currency collage

Fifty pound notes lying on a wooden desk.
50 quid notes on a wooden desk

50 pound notes lying on a desk with spectacles in the background.

50 pound notes on a wooden desk

A view of 50 and 20 British pounds against a dark background.

British currency notes fanned out

A cut-out of the Great Britain currency in png format.
cut-out of British currency notes

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