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Monday, July 2, 2012

Funny English Signs

Many countries where English is not the mother tongue usually have a large populace does speaks English well, but also those who do not! And here are some bloopers.

This one is at Leh. The location is a small restaurant called Mo Mo Hut and as everyone knows mo mo's are a famous snack of this area.

funny menu in Leh

This first one taken in North India proclaims that it teaches "Spoken" & "grammar"! Spoken what I wonder and why is the word Spoken in English and the word Grammar in the Devanagari script? Wrong English about English!
spoken grammar signboard

A simple spelling error outside a fort in Hyderabad.

spelling mistake on signboard

If one goes strictly by English, this sign telling people where the toilet is makes no sense. I guess by "modern" they mean "western" or I wonder if it means "clean"! Location is somewhere in South India.

hilarious sign

This one was taken in Koh Samui, a tourist island in Thailand. I wonder what "Dress Politely" means!

mystifying words

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