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Monday, July 23, 2012

Stark barren desolate scene

This black and white image of a harsh landscape gives a sense of loneliness and desolation, a sense of grief and abandonment. The starkness is brought out by the dark sky in the background and the barren lifeless trees in the foreground. The rapidly drying up water source reminds us that life is dying. The reflection of the trees and the sky in the water is stronger than the actual trees and the sky, signifying that all that is life is its shadow.

barren landscape

The same image has been given an effect by using an orange glow, giving an impression of a forest fire.
graphic of a forest fire

Another images depicting graphically a forest fire. The bleakness of the scene shows how inhospitable the land is now, and it is as if setting it on fire is the only answer.
forest fire graphic

(The first two images with special effects are based on a photograph by my niece when she was in school, and the third one is based on a photograph I took on the way to Divarkarwadi) 

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