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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two boatmen in a canoe in the ocean

This photograph is one of my favourites. It is simple enough. Two boatmen in a small brown canoe in the sea on the coast of Tamil Nadu, India. They are returning to land after a trip for fishing. Smal, fishermen often use canoes. They do not usually make much money, but manage to feed themselves and their family, and make a little extra by selling the fish in the market.  There is a lot of potential for India's fishing industry, due to the extensive coastline.

boatmen in a canoe

I used this photograph as a header image once, but altered it slightly, moving the boatmen nearer the horizon. I did this in photoshop. As my header was long and narrow I wanted the boatmen as well as the horizon to appear in it.

boatmen in canoe

I turned this image to sepia, giving it the appearance of an old picture. The isolation of the people in the canoe, the vast horizon and the sky, lent to the atmosphere and added to the old world look.

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