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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clouds as seen from an airplane

These are photographs of clouds from a different vantage point - from up in the air, a bird's eye view. The real height and depth of the clouds once viewed from the top is different.

On a fairly cloudless and calm day they might look like this:

tiny fluffy clouds over the ocean

Usually though days are not that clear and there is more of a crowd up in the sky. But even this is a fairly cloudless day for the humans down there.

small white clouds seen from the top

It's getting cloudier now, and passing through some  dark clouds. The cloud on the top left looks like a bunch of people gathered in a circle, celebrating something. Now that's a view you won't get from the earth!
plane wing going through clouds

Clouds are pretty thick now. One can still get a glimpse of earth though in the next two photos.
thick clouds and plane wing

grey clouds

In this last image the aeroplane is heading straight into a very thick cloud. Going to be a bumpy ride. Inside such a cloud as there are air currents that can cause air turbulence.
dark clouds from a plane

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