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Monday, September 17, 2012

Truck Drivers in India

Photographs of truck drivers in India. They lead hard lives. Drive with little sleep, often throughout the night. Usually they have a "cleaner" with them as a helper.

This truck driver is parked at a red light.

truck driver in India

A truck driver in this photograph. Almost all truckers are young and stay away from home for days on end.
truck driver driving

An illustration of two truck drivers parked for the night. They are sitting down and taking a break in the dark.

truck drivers sitting illustration

Not strictly a truck, but a large tempo or van. While all truck drivers have mobile phones, this one has a blue tooth.

van driver with blue tooth

A truck cleaner who travels with the truck driver. Not only does he clean the truck, but he also runs errands and helps in signalling and parking.

truck cleaner

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