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Monday, September 10, 2012

Frescoes and statues from the Aurangabad Caves

The Aurangabad caves are an example of ancient art because they are more than 14 centuries old! These  12 man-made rock-cut Buddhist cave shrines are to be found on top of a hill near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The caves are a great representation of Indian Classical Art. There are statues and carvings of all kinds.
These are some statues and frescoes from the caves. This first one is quite eroded by the elements as it is a piece of stone art on a pillar in one of the caves. The small fresco is of a woman but one is not sure what she is doing or what the person at her feet is holding up.

ancient buddhist cave art

An elaborate fresco of statue art of Buddha who appears to be a central figure.
ancient buddhist fresco

A panel fresco of various figures of the Buddha and attendants at the entrance to one of the caves.
Buddhist fresco at Aurangabad caves

A regal statue of Buddha at the entrance to an ancient Buddhist cave.
Buddha statue at the Aurangabad caves

A carving out of stone of Buddha sitting down and blessing his devotees at the Aurangabad caves.
art depicting Buddha blessing devotees

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