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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A strange flower

This one is an odd looking and weird flower! Despite looking on the internet I could not find a similar one so it's a flower without a name. Saw it in Thane. It looked a bit like an orchid, but I don't think it is one. It's got a green stem and the buds are round green balls. The petals are orange, pink and red and the centre you can see violent filaments with yellow tips. The petals look like giant tongues, all curled up, as if waiting to strike. The ovule is a light pink. A good example of a flower for students if they are trying to identify the different parts because all the parts are so in your face!
strange flower

The flowers in their tree.
unusual flower

A close-up of the flower which actually looks ugly despite the multitude of colours. It appears to have teech and a tongue and a mouth! A predator of some sort? The top of the petal looks green and the inside looks red, giving the impression of a mouth.
flower with a mouth

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  1. found your pics because I was googling like mad to find out the name of just the same flowers I shot near Chiang Mai.

    got it:
    cannonball tree (Couroupita guianensis)!

    ;-) greetings, andreas from Switzerland

  2. Thanks andreas. Good to know that there are others who are so curious!

  3. Anonymous is right. I too had a similar problem. They are quite commopn in Kerala temples, They call it as Naga Linga or Naga Pushpam.


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