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Friday, September 28, 2012

Middle class kitchens of rural India

These are photographs of middle-class kitchens in rural India. They are not sleek and nor are they modern kitchens, not by a long shot, but by village standards they are good. The kitchens may not be designer kitchens and the owners may not be rich, but they are well-off. Their houses have small rooms and are untidy, but their kitchens are neat and well stocked in terms of electronic and consumer goods, even if they are not well designed. The kitchens were the most impressive part of their rather small, dark houses, though design is not given importance. These houses were in very small villages by our Indian standards.

Stainless steel utensils, plastic jars, large aluminium boxes, a small refrigerator on the right and a gas stove. The kitchen counter is small. A large jar from an electric mixer can be seen on the shelf. In most Indian kitchens there is a place for a mandir or temple. The idols and photographs of deities can be seen to the right of picture.
Two pictures have been combined in the picture below.

rural woman's kitchen

Another kitchen, but without a kitchen counter. Kitchen is neat and well equipped and the gas stove and gas cylinder is on the floor.

inside of kitchen

A makeshift table in the kitchen which contains an electric plate for cooking. An electric mixer can be see on the windown sill. What is interesting is the wide array of belans or rolling pins which are used to roll different types of dough. A lot of snacks as well as different types of flat breads are a part of the Indian diet and a different types of rolling pins are frequently used. This kitchen seems particularly well equipped with the colourful and smart belans or rolling pins adorning the wall.

different types of rolling pins

A kitchen corner showing the kitchen counter with a gas stove and utensils.

kitchen counter with gas stove

The inside of a fridge in the house of a typical rural woman's kitchen. Refrigerators usually contain milk and milk products mostly.

inside of a fridge

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