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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unsafe trucks

Menacing killer rods sticking out of trucks are common in India, and not just on highways. According to news reports, trucks carrying rods sticking out of the back were responsible for 6,743 accidents in two years (2009-11) and caused 3,707 deaths. Life has little value in India because police don't stop these trucks. Maybe there isn't any other way to ferry these rods needed for construction. The little red piece of cloth is not enough to warn oncoming traffic, and it's very dangerous in the dark.

trucks carrying rods

Overloaded trucks are common. This truck looks unbalanced. We just have to hope that the material it is carrying is not heavy.

overloaded trucks

No idea what this truck is carrying. Whatever it is, and however light it is, this is no way to load a truck.

dangerously loaded truck

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