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Monday, October 31, 2011

Processed foods in India

It's amazing the number of processed foods you can find in an upper-middle class home today. With all the emphasis on fresh goods, most well-to-do people are addicted to processed foods like noodles, pasta, and fried snacks. Not to forget that our wheat flour and refined rice and oils are all processed too! So is salt. I guess we just need to ensure that we don't overdo with the consumption of processed foods which are full of chemicals or at their best, stripped of nutrients.
processed instant foods

Many sauces are available in bottles today like Soya sauces, chilli sauces. Other processed foods like soups, iced tea mixes, drink mixes, and instant oats. Breaksfast cereals like muesli is also processed, although it may be healthy and wholesome. Many of these brands are foreign like Chings and Tabasco.
processed sauces

Various spices and available in bottles too from ground cinnamon and ginger to ground pepper and mixed herbs. Possibly these are pure ground herbs without additives, but one can never be sure.  Many foreign brands dominate Indian homes today like Heinz, Twinings and Nestle's Nescafe.
processed spices

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