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Monday, October 24, 2011

Antiques like lamps, clocks and ancient record players

Antiques can be found in street markets in India and these few photographs are from Colaba and also from Oshiwara.

This photograph is from a street market in Oshiwara, a Mumbai suburb. It shows some old glass lamps made of ceramic, glass, copper and other metals. There is a line of shops selling furniture on this same street which  sells old furniture and accessories.

antique lamps

This is a view of the Colaba street market where you can buy almost everything from knick-knacks and clothes to electronics and antique objects. Mainly for tourists.

colaba street market

This is an old antique clock at the Colaba street market. Around it one can see various old brass objects for sale. An ancient manual camera can be seen to the bottom left of the picture. These vintage objects can delight many collectors.

antique clocks for sale

This is an ancient record player with huge speakers! Appear to be made of brass. In the old days space was not at a premium so everything was large!

ancient record player with speakers

Watches, clocks and objects of different types.

antique objects for sale

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