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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truck Art and Truck Painting

These are photographs of paintings on trucks or truck art. Prettying up trucks and vehicles is very popular in the Indian sub-continent and these are photographs from India. Gods and goddesses are frequently used as motifs as well as plants and flowers. Truckers believe that religious symbols ward off evil and protect them from accidents.

This is a bank of a painted truck. These are paintings of women with pots on their heads and cows grazing in the background of hills, a lake and trees.
painted scene on back of truck in India

This is a close up of a brightly painted orange truck with motifs of goddesses and the lotus flower. At the front of the truck against a red background there is a small pot with a coconut inside it and this is a religious symbol.
brightly painted truck with religous motifs

That same truck has a picture of the Taj Mahal painted on the front of the truck.
taj mahal painted in front of truck

The eye of the truck!

The peacock is the Indian national bird and therefore this is a popular motif used for truck painting. The lotus is also seen in the centre of the two peacocks. The lotus has a religious significance in India.
peacock painting on back of truck

At the back of this tempo there are paintings which are entirely religious...the  swastika with the pooja pot with sacred leaves and coconut as well as the pink lotus flowers on each side.
religious painting on back of truck

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