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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorful synthetic drinks sold on the streets of India

These are photographs of the common man's Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. Colored sherbet made out of sugar syrup and chemical colours and flavours many of which are banned. These drinks are inexpensive, sold openly on the streets, and it is mostly the poor who buy them. Lemons are used to add taste.
children consuming coloured synthetic drinks in India

A boy is behind the wheels of this cart selling synthetic drinks. When asked he tells me that it is nothing but sugar syrup and colors and flavours. A dash of lemon adds taste.

Synthetic chemical drinks

The same boy posing for a picture. Not the colourful decoration of the hand-cart. It attracts customers, particularly children.

Boy vendor selling synthetic drinks

These people appear as if they are in the middle of nowhere, but actually they are in a holiday spot called Matheran. Here the drinks sellers cater to a slightly well-off crowd, and people who don't mind spending while on a holiday. This one makes a masala mix of various bottled cold drinks like Sprite and Coke. Colors and favors are used in the masala too at times and so is lemon. Basically these drinks are a concoction of the various bottled drinks and some local flavours. Masala Thums Up is popular and so is Kala Khatta soda. Kala Khatta or Chuski is made from Jamun, a small purple fruit. 

Popular drinks with masala

Another view of the same drinks vendor. In this frame her son is helping her out.

Colorful drinks and masala drinks

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