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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pavement book-sellers

These are photographs of second-hand books being sold on the pavements of Mumbai. These pavement book stalls are visible on the streets of most cities of India and books are sold as cheap as a ten rupees in some cases. Bigger cities command higher prices. Many of these stalls are illegal stalls occupying the sidewalks but most of them get away with it with connivance of officials.
This photograph is taken in South Mumbai, opposite Churchgate station.
pavement books

The photograph is also taken in South Mumbai, near Fountain. However these particular book hawkers and their stalls are not there now. Probably evicted.

pavement book stalls

Here is a close-up of books which are stacked neatly on the pavement. Popular titles are what make business lucrative for the book sellers. Some of these books are brand new pirated versions of the originals. Shantaram is a popular book and a pirated edition can be bought easily. Paul Coelho is also quite popular.
close up of books

Older books are usually thrown carelessly on the ground on a bedsheets. You need to shift through them to find what you want. In this close-up of the books for sale on the pavejavascript:void(0)ment you can see that some of the books are really old, without covers.
books closeup

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