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Friday, August 26, 2011

Costume jewellery beads and necklaces

These are pictures of costume jewellery available in jewellery markets in India. These particular shots were taken at Colaba Causeway, a shopping centre frequented by tourists. People bargain hard for the trinkets found here. Fake jewellery is popular amongst the young and the feisty.

costume jewellery for sale

These necklaces are colourful, pretty and you can find fashion jewelery matching for every dress you choose. Inexpensive materials like glass, plastic, synthetic stones as well as cheap metals are used to make this type of jewelry.
colorful beads

These chunky necklaces made of beads of different colors and sizes are more of a fashion statement than anything else. This type of jewelry is considered disposable. It's cheap and easy to mix and match with different occasions. As can be seen some amount of effort has been put into designing this jewelry.
costume jewelry necklaces for sale

These are colourful necklaces displayed in a jewelry shop.
colorful trinkets

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