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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dassera or Dasara flowers

During this important religious festival of India, special type of yellow flowers are used to decorate homes, places of worship, for poojas and vehicles. This festival is to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. Symbolically it is a triumph of Good over Evil. Flowers are very important in Hindusim. They are used extensively in rituals and pujas. Yellow and orange flowers are preferred. Marigold is commonly used to weave into garlands.

These photographs show how flower garlands are used to celebrate this festival. Here people have gathered the evening before to pick up some marigold garlands for use.

people buying flower garlands

It is standard practice for all Hindus to decorate the entrances of their homes with the dasara flowers.

home decorated with yellow flower garland

Vehicles and tools of the trade are given a lot of importance.

three wheelers in India

A picture of a car with a marigold garland.

car decorated with marigold garland

A two-wheeler with a marigold garland.

motorcycle with flowers

Here is a shopkeeper opening his shop after decorating it with garlands of orange flowers.

shop with garlands

Fake flowers are often used. Doorways and entrances are decorated with synthetic garlands, and these are often kept on the doorways long after the festival is over.

doorway with flower decoration

Another example of what is called a "toran." This is a decorated garland, often synthetic, which is often used these days. One can keep it on the doorway indefinitely unlike flower garlands which have to be removed.

doorway with ornamental garland

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