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Monday, November 11, 2013

Venice Skyline Silhouettes

These are black and white silhouettes of Venice's Skyline - based on photographs taken at different points in the city. Venice, located in the Venetian Lagoon, is a beautiful city between the mouths of the River Po and the Piave.

This Venice silhouette represents a very famous area, a typical Venice scene with the outline of its domes and churches, with the river in the foreground. The floating buildings are on each side.

Venice silhouette with domes and churches and the river

This silhouette is done in a different style from the one above and represents the same scene. It is darker, with the sky in black as well.

Venice city silhouette in black and white

A silhouette of the city of Venice from the interior canals. A canoe or gondola is in the foreground and one of the many small bridges which connects two sides of the river in the background.

Silhouette of Venice with the gondola and bridge

A silhouette of Venice with a dark sky background. This is not a typical Venice scene but a glimpse of Venice as one approaches Venice.

venice silhouette from a distance

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