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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travelers or men with bags

These silhouettes of men travelers are based on photographs taken at an airport. All are silhouettes of a man with a bag or a back pack. Men or all ages and shapes with  bags. Some of these travellers are in a hurry to reach their airplane, another man is sauntering around the airport, and still others have their suitcases already checked in.

This is a silhouette of young man sauntering along with a backpack at an airport.
silhouette of man with backpack

A silhouette of another another young man, barely in his early twenties striding towards the aircraft. In this right hand he is carrying some leaflets or brochure and a bag is hanging loosely from his hands, its strap touching the floor.

silhouette of young man with bag at airport

A silhouette of an Asian middle-aged man walking at the airport.
Asian man  with bag at airport silhouette

A silhouette of a young man in casual clothes walking with a backpack at the airport.
young man with backpack silhouette

A silhouette of an older man dressed in a jacket and tight pants and pointed shoes, carrying a backpack.
silhouette of older man in formal clothes with bag

Silhouette of a man walking at the airport with a backpack and briefcase. He is wearing a jacket.
silhouette of man wearing jacket with backpack and briefcase

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  1. Hi Nita, I'm Teppei and come here from Microsoft PowerPoint's feature "Insert Online Pictures".
    I'm a member of NPO and want to use your picture above for our free event flyer.
    I'll put the following license notice on the flyer: "Travelers or men with bags" by Nita Jatar Kulkarni CC BY 3.0
    Thanks :)

    1. As long as it is for a free event, please go ahead. And thank you for the credits.


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