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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inexpensive shopping in Bangkok

Indra Market in Bangkok, Thailand, is a good place to buy goods at a reasonable rates. Value for money. Good garments at a cheap price and lots of variety and low prices. Stylish clothes, shoes and costume jewellery. If you are anywhere near Indra Square don't miss this market!

This is the exterior of Indra Square.

Indra Square in Bangkok

A peek inside the market. The shop-keepers are polite.
inside Indra Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The MBK market or mall is talked about a lot, but we were disappointed. Not only is it full of fake goods, the goods are defective in many cases. Worse, the shopkeepers are rude. We were witness to several fights, started by the shop-keepers themselves. MBK, though conveniently located, is a market to avoid unless you are ready to ignore rude and indifferent behavior. But why do that when Bangkok has so many good markets! Mind you this behavior is not because of bargaining of otherwise interacting with the shop-keepers. They just yell at you if you touch any of their goods. Or sit on a stool outside their shop because your feet are killing you. Or if you are lucky, they just completely ignore you if you ask them the price of anything! We sure were glad to leave that place and never will we ever go their again!

This is the interior of the MBK market.

inside mbk market in Bangkok, Thailand

A corridor at the market. Go to this market if you are desperate for fakes but beware, the fakes are so badly tailored that they won't last long so its not value for  money.
mbk market in bangkok, thailand

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