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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hay stacks in Rural India

Different types of grass is dried, and stored and is used as animal fodder for livestock like cattle, horses, goats, and sheep eat hay. Rabbits and guinea pigs or pigs also munch hay.
These are photographs of haystacks in rural India. Both men and women work on cutting the grassy vegetation, drying it in the sun and then storing in heaps. Later it is packed is made into compact hay bales with the use of machines. 

A large heap or hillock of hay and to the right you can see bales of hay made by a machine in the background. The machine that makes bales out of hay can be seen to the right of the picture, in the background.

hay stacks and bales

A neat row of bales of hay next to a large heap of hay.

bales of hay and haystack

Hay stacks in the background and cattle in the foreground. The cattle pulls the bullock carts which transport the hay.

cows and hay

Hills of hay and small rectangular hay bales lying next to them. A few workers, men and women are also in the picture.

hay stacks and people

A long line of people positioned on a hay stack, passing hay to each other for storage.

working on storing hay

A large load of hay being transported by a bullock cart or bailgadi.

hay on a bullock cart

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