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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Hippos in the wild

The photographs in this post were taken of hippopotamus in the wild in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. Hippos are huge animals, and purely herbivorous. Their skin is thick and the Black Hippo as seen in the picture is more common in Africa. They are one of the largest mammals found on land.  The hippopotamus is a semi-aquatic animal. 

black hippopotamus

The hippos are very dangerous and one can watch them only from afar. Being a national park there is no fence to separate them from visitors and one has to be very careful. This is a picture of a black Hippo with an open mouth.

hippos with open mouth

Their black colour enables them to merge into the scene. Here they look like black rocks.

hippopotamus camouflaged

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  1. Ooops, sorry! Thanks for correcting me. I knew they were hippos, and I don't know why I wrote them as rhinos! Anyway, I have corrected it now.


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